I can not express how EXCITED I am that you are chasing your dreams, and the fact that you are inquiring about a mentorship shows your desire to pursue and grow exponentially in this art!  

I’ve wasted years and valuable time away from my family trying to teach myself, and it wasn’t until I found mentoring that I was able to brilliantly and efficiently learn the trade in a way my heart and soul saw it all along!  So proud of you for taking this step and following your heart!

I am here to share with you all of the very valuable lessons, tricks and information I have learned along the way! Thank you for trusting me on this journey!

MacKenzie is a farm grown, earth mama raising seven wild beauties with her husband in the Arizona desert. She spends her days all year round, chasing kids and SUNSHINE! She subconsciously fears that she will forget a moment or a memory, therefore is extremely dedicated to capturing all the magical moments in life, big or small. Becoming a mother has amplified this fear, and given her a heightened sense of urgency to capture every perfect and imperfect moment, every detail, every joy...THE CONNECTIONS WE CAN FEEL, BUT DON'T ALWAYS SEE, life in all its exponential beauty. Her soul is constantly searching for connection, light, movement and love. Babies don't keep, kids don't keep, TIME doesn’t keep...so her intent is to capture images that do, and give you beautiful, tangible treasures to keep forever.

We all feel those moments. The way the smell of your newborn child blankets you in peace and tranquility. The captivating embrace from a toddler that begs of them to never let go. The glance of security and truth from your teenager, that gives you goosebumps because they are growing into so much more than you ever imagined. Get in there and feel these things with your client. Let tears well up in your eyes, and a smile spread across your face because you feel it too. Not one human can deny those emotions. We all parent uniquely different, but we all feel love. Love is gifted to us all.

Envision your client and all you’ve learned about them,

and think of all these special moments they will treasure.

Close your eyes and feel them before you even see them 

unfold. Then, when they arrive, you will be ready to embrace

them and capture them!

“Passion is energy.  

Feel the power that comes

from focusing on what

excites you.”